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If wishes were horses.. or ferrets.. - Don't Buy Every Cute Animal You See [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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If wishes were horses.. or ferrets.. [Jan. 30th, 2006|10:45 pm]
Don't Buy Every Cute Pet You See Support Group


Hi, my name is evilcresyluna, and I don't need any more pets right now. But I want to know:

1. What animals would/are you planning to get in the near future? What holds you back?

2. What animals would/are you planning to get if things work in your favor over some time? Same reservations?

3. What animals would you LOVE to get but really doubt you'll ever be up to caring for? Or have the time for?

For me:
1. Small parrot. I have a long list of species that I'd get one of tomorrow if I didn't have $0 moneys and no car. Once I get a chance to volunteer at a rescue (closest is 1.5 hours away) I'll have a better idea of what species would suit me, and start planning for that.

2. Some male rats (probably a trio) and ferrets. The trio of rats because I love boy rats, don't feel that they'd be too much to care for in addition to the zoo and seriously want to help one or both of the rescues my current rat girls came from (no breeding, don't worry). The ferrets my bf really wants, and I gotta agree they're cute boogers. If we settle into a house in the next few years, I'd like to have a dog.

3. Sugar gliders, guinea pigs, one of the large parrots (particularly cockatoos or a lorie/lorikeet), a snake. Snakes I love from afar because I'm none too sure that even with frozen/thawed I'd be comfortable keeping rats/mice and a snake, but I do so admire them.

Okay, 'nough of me babbling, next! ;)

[User Picture]From: evilcresyluna
2006-01-31 05:47 am (UTC)
I love pigs! My family had potbellies once upon a time (my family, despite not being vegetarians, have a farm and tended to take in several "we were going to eat him but really can't bear to and we don't have the space for it to be a pet") that were outdoor pets but quite sweet. And then a large white, who despite the fact she weighed at least 200 pounds had been raised with german shepards, so was really sure she was a dog. Though she thought that squicky toy/fetch game was pretty dumb and pittied the labrador who played it. Her name was Pigwidgeon.
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