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Don't Buy Every Cute Animal You See

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Don't Buy Every Cute Pet You See Support Group
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Saw an adorable puppy at the pound today? A cute hamster at the pet store? A cat in need of a good home? But you already have 7 animals and you just can't afford any more? This is the place for you!!!

This is a community for people who have a weakness for adopting any and every cute pet they see! We are here as a support group to help you from over-populating your home, and keeping your pet count down to what you can financially support.

Pet owners of all kinds are welcome! However, please do not discuss breeding for food, or any other subject matter that you feel may be upsetting to some members. If you are questioning a subject that you really want to post about, please ask jebuell first! If any post is upsetting to a member it will be deleted with an explanation as to why it was deleted.

Please put any potentially upsetting subject (even one's approved by the mod) under an LJ cut. Also please LJ cut any pictures (previews are okay).