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Now more pets! [Apr. 4th, 2006|10:18 am]
Don't Buy Every Cute Pet You See Support Group


Hi there. My name is Naomi and I am a pet addict.

So far I have (three of the dogs aren't mine but belong to other family members, but the rest are my animals):

Pip: Jack russel x Chihuahua 10mnths (my sister's)
Poncho: Chihuahua x Pomeranian 12mnths (my sister's)
Pokey: Shih Tzu x Jack Russel 10 years (my parents')

My pets
Snowy: Australian Terrier Cross who knows 11 years

Bella: Albino rat 1.5 years
Biscuit: Brown rat 6mnths
Winter: Fawn rat 4mnths

And then there are the hermit crabs. Two huge Perlatus (strawberries) and 6 small/medium Australian.


So how did it happen?

Well. I begged my parents for a dog. I'd had dogs before but now I was old enough to interviene when my parents wanted to give them away. So became Snowy. She was adorable. A little, floppy black bundle who grew to be a rigid, energetic spikey terrier. I love her to bits. Then my parents thought it was only fair to get my sister a dog as well. And so became Pokey.

Ten years later my sister spotted a tiny little chihuahua X runt in a pet shop and just had to have her. My parents agreed only because while my sister was away overseas her dog Pokey had grown attached to my parents and Sara wanted a dog of her 'own'. And so became Poncho.

The sad thing was that the other dogs rejected Poncho. They attacked her whenever she wanted to play with them and she was becoming increasingly lonely and broken hearted. And so became Pip. Those two are the best of friends now.

I always fancied the idea of obtaining rats and one day the opportunity arose via freecycle. I'm not sure I agree with the idea of people giving away pets on freecycle but better I have them then someone who'll use them as feeders. So became Bella and Biscuit.

I wanted to buy them a huge cage and so went to my local pet barn where they were selling a cage set up with supplies ...and a free rat. And so became Winter.

The hermit crabs were also a freecycle thing. Only it was just the cage and supplies that were being given away. Turned out to be a really small plastic cage with no lid but my mind was already set on hermit crabs.

So I got Barnacle and Urchin with a 15 gallon tank. Well. Then I read that hermit crabs are extremely social and the more the merrier. So I went out to buy one more and came home with three. Sputnik, Winkle and Apollo.

But when looking for shells in the local aquarium I came across two massive strawberries. I'd never seen such huge hermies before. I just had to have them.

And here we are. Living in a bloody zoo with thoughts of ferrets and gerbils and more dogs running through my head. Oh when will it end? My aim is to open a pet shop one day. Perhaps that will finally sate me.

Over and out.

[User Picture]From: trademybike
2006-04-04 06:52 pm (UTC)
I had to giggle at some of the hermit crab names, namely Barnacle -- long story short, there was a project where you had to study an object for a long period of time and this girl decided to study this big tree on campus and she named it Barnacle and when someone asked what Barnacle's last name was, she said, "Barnacle is a one-namer, like Madonna. Or Cher. Or Barnacle." I think someone slapped her for citing her tree's name in the example. haha

And Methusela. That's a great name for an animal.
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